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  1. Post-graduate orientation at University of Pisa in 10/05/2016

    Post-graduate orientation at the University of Pisa in 05.10.2016.

    Participate in the event of "waiting for the open day" at the congress palace in Pisa the students of class V.

  2. Japanese Course


    GREAT NEWS ' IN HIGH SCHOOL PARINI !!! It has been tried in the last month of school with  I and II classes the new course of Japanese! Great success for this initiative , which the next school year may be chosen as a subject !!! more opportunity that our high school offers its students ! The Japanese language course is in any case already opened at the Parini Institute of Cecina . For info call 0586/681865 or write to

  3. English Course


    Hello everyone !!! The English courses are already started in the month of June for our new " Young Learners " ! Our native speaker will hold lectures based on dynamic dialogue and fun conversation that will make the course challenging and exciting !!! A soon also start the courses in July !!! Come and visit us !! for info call 0586/681865 or write to

  4. NEWS 2016/2017 SCHOOL YEAR

    Are you sure you choose the right language?

    For the school year 2016/2017 the Language High School G.Parini gives you the possibility to choose in your curriculum, in addition to traditional foreign languages such as English, French, German and Spanish, also the new emerging languages.

    At your choice you can study Chinese, Japanese and Russian !!!

    Travel with us to the East! you can discover an unknown world and a unique experience.



    call us at 0586/681865 and send us your CV to:


  6. Native speaker

    ... You are an ENGLISH , GERMAN , FRENCH , SPANISH , RUSSIAN , CHINESE native speaker ?

    Send your CV to


  7. Guided tour at Palazzo Strozzi

    Tuesday, April 5 for the Parini High School students will be visiting the exhibition " From Kandinsky to Pollock . The great art of the Guggenheim " at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence . It will be an opportunity to admire the more than 100 masterpieces of European art and American between the twenties and sixties of the twentieth century , in a path that reconstructs the relations and relations between the two sides of the ocean .


  8. Spectacle at "I Quattro Mori" in Livorno

    On April 13, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. at the theater "I Quattro Mori" of Livorno, the students of Liceo Parini in Cecina will watch the spectacle of the theater company "Theatre France". It renews an opportunity for our kids to live a unique experience to be able to learn the French language through Drama

  9. Florence, March 8 2016

    In relation to the musical " They do not have never end .. "  the Consulta of students invites students of Liceo Parini at the concert on the theme " The Jewish memory between music and stories ." The show will take place the  March 8 at the Music Conservatory " L. Cherubini " of Florence from 10:30.

  10. Cultural visit - Palazzo Strozzi

    On the occasion of the exhibition "From Kandinsky to Pollock" (the great art of the Guggenheim) to be held from March 19 to Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Liceo Parini will organize an educational visit, led by prof. art history, for all its students. Our children will have the chance to admire the great paintings, sculptures, engravings and photographs on loan from the collections of the Guggenheim in New York and Venice and other prestigious international museums, giving an insight into the extraordinary and exciting art season nine hundred of which Peggy and Solomon Guggenheim were decisive actors.

  11. New Website ONLINE

    Liceo Parini is pleased to introduce the new Website.